Wow! What a dream.

Lately, I have had some INCREDIBLE dreams.  My dreams are a little out of the ordinary as it is.  Anyway, I started my night having trouble breathing.  I guess I was focusing on not dying just before I went to sleep.  This led to very strange dreams.  My first dream:  I found myself in a spaceship.  This spaceship was our new world.  Earth no longer existed.  I traversed several very long hallways while dodging what seemed like millions of kid’s toys.  I was on my way to an eye examination.  I quickly wanted to escape this spaceship when I saw the eye examination machine.  It was having a major meltdown and I was next to sit for the exam.  I didn’t want to have my eyes poked out that day.

Dream #2:  I was back on an island.  I recently had a dream about living on an island.  This time I was on this beautiful island for a reason – the world was about to end.  I came across this bunker-like hut.  It had these words inscribed on the roof: The Hidden Room In This House Is The Only Way to Survive.  This room was intended to turn into a spaceship when the world ends.  I learned that the “bunker” was invented by the Phoenicians.  I was looking at the sky and suddenly I hear a rumble.  It was the bunker converting itself to tube like spaceship with hundreds of rubber tubes growing out of it.  It was a little scary to watch yet I was in awe with its transformation.  Then I realized, “I wasn’t on its maiden voyage and I was doomed”!

Dream #3:  I was on the same island in a humongous auditorium.  I was a test proctor at a high school.  I was given the word that I was going to be promoted to a football coach (that’s a promotion???).  I left home after a very hard day at school.  As I was driving home, I get a call on the “box”.  Phones did not exist in this dream.  We used this roundlike box that we could hear the caller.  We could only hear the message.  We could not respond to it.  It made me wonder how the sender was sending the messages.  Anyway, the message came from my new Mentor-Coach.  He was chastising me for leaving “on time”.  As a new coach, I was supposed to ask permission to leave work.   I was then told that I had to come back at 6:00pm for football practice.  I was having too much fun driving around on the island to come back to work and pull an 18 hour day.   I guess I have been working way too many hours in “real life”.

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Why can’t I sleep?

No, the question is not rhetorical!  The past two nights have been hell for me.  It’s hell to anyone that is used to laying their head down on their pillow and easily being able to fall asleep.  Normally, I can fall asleep anywhere anytime.  This really is affecting my attentiveness throughout the day.  The little amount of sleep that I do get has me having some very strange dreams.

My latest weird dream has me in the jungle running away from a giant moth.  I run into a classroom which turns into an old style SAISD classroom.  The ceiling is a large window where I can see the giant moth still hovering overhead and waiting to eat me.  How crazy is that?

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I’m here.

Checking this new Blog thing.

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